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Cowmeia would not exist without it's swarm​.

Swarm is what we affectionately call our community. Formed by all professionals and companies, it is responsible for the pulse of the entire structure. Partners, buyers, mergers and expansions are born from it. It strengthens individual improvement and constant updating of professionals. In addition, this community can spend more time with you than your own family, so that's how we think of it.



A Cowmeia é uma estrutura completa para sediar a maioria das empresas. Sem fiança, calção ou burocracia.
Acreditamos que sua empresa pode ir muito mais além e se aprimorar cada vez mais.
Venha fazer parte da nossa comunidade formada por todos os profissionais e empresas, responsável pela pulsação de toda a estrutura.
Dessa comunidade nascem parcerias, compradores, fusões e ampliações. Ela fortalece o aprimoramento individual e a atualização constante dos profissionais.

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Get to know your company's new headquarters

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Coworking Fixo

In the colonies you have your fixed and exclusive position, you can unite your team in one place, have the presence of a brand and the convenience of drawers with keys.

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Coworking Livre

Develop your activities with more freedom! At free coworking you have access to shared work areas several hours a day. In this environment you will still be able to receive your customers at no additional cost using the free meeting areas. In addition to saving and participating in our improvement and network events, you have the structure of a large company in your hands and a team ready to assist you in operational routines.

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Domicílio Fiscal

Cowmeia is a complete structure to host most companies. Without bail, surety or bureaucracy your company can hire the services of Business Address and Fiscal Domicile.

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Get to know your company's new headquarters

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