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Collaborative Store


A complete store with turnover and the services you need to sell your products, service, cleaning, cashier, etc. Clothes, accessories, souvenirs, decorative objects, utensils, gifts, office and stationery supplies, electronics, drinks and much more. In addition to attentive salespeople, you have a control system that informs you when a product is sold.

To enjoy the services is simple: you hire one exhibitor per month; defines the value of each product; within 14 days your products will be registered in our system. Ready! You already start selling. You will bear only 20% commission on sales + a 3.7% cash charge and 4.2% in up to 3 installments (in case of installment payments).

Monthly, you receive a report of all items sold and receive payment directly to your account.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Note: Sales of medicines, animals, perishable products, fakes or replicas are not allowed and to remain in the store the brand will need to reach the sales target for the first 3 months.

Plans Cowmeia Store

Exhibitors of any size or racks:

R $ 80.00 / month + 20% on sales value

Open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm

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